Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CrNiCKL 1.1.0 released with all delete methods renamed

There were quite a few methods named delete in the CrNiCKL software. This was a bad idea because such methods are useless when called from JavaScript. Indeed, delete is a reserved word in js.

All such methods have been renamed and a new version of the software has been released to the project website, to SourceForge and the GitHub repositories. The following scheme has been used for renaming. Parameterless delete methods are now named destroy. The others are now typically named deleteFoo where Foo is the type of (one of) the parameter(s).

I decided to completely eliminate the old methods rather than let them live a bit longer as deprecated. I did it because the software is not yet used out there. In case I misread the stats, please accept my apologies. In any case the previous version remains available on all the websites mentioned.

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